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 What happens when you take these roles,
mix in a
sense of humor, a zest for life, and a strong desire to help people?

You get a
PASSIONATE brand partner with a propensity for POWERFUL storytelling.

Founder Kristin Archambault standing outside, smiling an looking into a camera

My first childhood job was a Paparazzi...

as far as my family was concerned, that is...

as I recorded everyone and everything ad nauseum. 

From my earliest moments of existence, I've always been a creator. Growing up, I was never without a pencil or camera in hand. My free time was often split between my three fervent hobbies-- creative writing, drawing, and filmmaking. 

​It wasn't until I was older that I began to understand how my passions were connected.

The unifying and recurring theme behind my love for each of these vocations was my desire to immerse my audience in stories that incite emotion. Over time, I discovered that the combination of my three passions together told the strongest stories.

Storybook Road was created on the premise that emotion drives action. In a world sterilized by a constant stream of sales, there is a palpable craving for humanity. Emotion is human.

Emotion is unforgettable. At Storybook Road we market emotions.

​I hope you come along for the ride! I eagerly await to hear your story!


A Brand Designer,
Graphic Designer, and Videographer walk into a bar...

Turns out, they're all ME!

Getting to know Storybook Road
Storybook Road White Logo

Getting To Know Storybook Road...

Welcome to Storybook Road!


All of the services offered at Storybook Road Creative Agency can be distilled down into one term, storytelling.


The entire vision of this agency was to create a studio that offers businesses the opportunity to show and tell their stories through a variety of mediums, both on paper and on screen. Storybook Road was created upon the philosophy that every business has a story to be told and a personality to be shown. Storybook Road aims to tell these stories and bring them to life. 

Your branding is so much more than just your logo and company color scheme.

Your branding is your messaging, it is how your brand carries itself, and it is the intricate choices you make- from your website, to your internal emails, to your promotional videos, all of which tell your story.

The goal of your brand is to connect with your audience on a more personal level, to bridge the gap between business owner and customer. Customers want to feel heard, seen, and connected.  Your branding is like your business's dating profile,  it tells people your "why" and it helps you connect with theirs. 

Storybook Road operates on the notion that emotion creates action, and connection creates loyalty, and loyalty is what keeps your customers coming back for more.

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