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Jiten Hotel Management Inc.

Primary Logo for Jiten Hotel Management Inc. featuring a wordmark and brand pattern of interlocking circles
Jiten Hotel Management Inc. Logo Badge with the J Lettermark in the center Tan Badge Logo
JHM navy monogram
Jiten Hotel Mangement Inc. branding stationary set
Jiten Hotel Management Business Card design
Jiten Hotel Management Inc. magazine cover design

Dynamik Sports

Dynamik Sports lettermark featuring a bold D with a lighting bolt in the center, the background image is a deep red with a football player sprinting
Dynamik Sports brand badge
Dynamik Sports wordmark logo and brand pattern
Dynamik Sports drawstring bag design featuring the brand's prominent lettermark D
Dynamik Sports brand pattern
Dynamik Sports water bottle design featuring their brand pattern and brand badge

The Brass Key Guesthouse

Brass Key Guesthouse brand sign photographed off the side of a building, featuring the brand's signature wordmark and key logo sign
Image of a hotel bedroom featuring the logo and branding of BrassKey Guesthouse
Brass Key Guesthouse logo and brand colors
Sketch and breakdown of BrassKey Guesthouse's key logo

Bagel World Bakery & Deli

Logo of a bagel that looks like a globe and has a bite taken out of it
brand pattern of eggs, bacon, coffee, and bagel on top of an image of a wrapped bagel, and a to go coffee cup
Bagel packaging

The Sandbar Hotel, Myrtle Beach

Sandbar Hotel brand pattern featuring a sand dollar, sea turtle, and starfish, as well as their brand logo
image contains a picture of a soap bar with the branding of the Sandbar Hotel
An image of 3 shampoo bottles branded with the Sandbar Hotel brand logo

Amanda Gil Photography

Amanda Gil Photography profile photo
Amanda Gil Photography Brand Kit
Amanda Gil Photography greeting card
Amanda Gil Photography brand pattern box

Lifeline Christian Academy Mascot & School Crest

Lion Mascot
Lion Mascot in front of basketball net
School Crest
Student drawing with school crest

Thrive Health

logo brand kit
logo brand kit

MTHD. Performance + Nutrition

Wordmark logo
logo breakdown
friends high fiving
friends posing with new shirts

Thor Parking

Thor Parking sports car
Thor Parking road paint
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